Cayenne Outerbridge Chosen as Director of VR

Cayenne Outerbridge, Director

Cayenne Outerbridge, Director

I am thrilled once more to welcome Cay to his place in front of the chorus, this time for good! Cay has become an integral part of our musical leadership and has demonstrated a level of commitment, passion, and talent which gives me absolute confidence in his ability to move us forward. Most of all, he has earned the trust and loyalty of our membership. His energy and empathy are palpable, and if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing it firsthand, you’re missing out.

Today is an opportunity to reflect on our love for singing and the wonderful, moving music we can create as a team. Please join me in welcoming our new Director and showing him the goodwill and commitment which make us the organization we are and that we strive to become.

I look forward to learning and growing together with Cay for many years ahead
— Joel Sutherland, President
I am beyond honored to have been chosen as the next musical director of our chorus. The last few months have left me feeling motivated, challenged, and, most importantly, excited for the future. We have a fantastic year ahead of us. We will continue to refine our craft, bring joy and music to our community, and reach toward our goal of becoming one of the top vocal ensembles in our region and in the world.

The next big focal point of our journey is the International Barbershop Competition in Salt Lake City. This will be a great opportunity to share our music with the barbershop world.

I would like to say again how honored I am to direct a chorus of such talented, caring, and hard-working members. You are all important to our success, and I look forward to building relationships with each of you in the coming year and beyond. Is it Thursday yet?
— Cay Outerbridge, Director