Everyone welcome in Concord, MA Chapter!

A message from Joel Sutherland, President:

Last week, the Barbershop Harmony Society released Next Steps For Everyone In Harmony. This update officially introduced new Bylaws which allow Chapters to open up membership to anyone, and emphasized the distinction between a Chapter (e.g. the Concord, MA Chapter) and a Chorus (e.g. Vocal Revolution). There is now official support for Men's, Women's and Mixed choruses and we are free to add and change the choruses of our Chapter. Each Chorus has its own roster, and Chapters may have members who are not on the roster of any Chorus.

I'm excited to announce the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors:

1) Membership in the Concord, MA Chapter is now open to anyone.

2) Vocal Revolution will continue to be a Men's Chorus, with membership by audition and eligibility consistent with the BHS Men's Chorus contest, which is by self-identification in their system.

All active members have automatically been added to the Chorus roster and are eligible to perform and compete with Vocal Revolution.

A guiding principle of the Everyone In Harmony initiative is that we should be adding, not subtracting. Vocal Revolution is an excellent men's barbershop chorus which consistently sets the standard for quality in our region, offering a unique musical experience for singers and audiences that is worth preserving. We welcome the addition of new choruses and quartets of all kinds and look forward to the increasing variety of music in our Barbershop family.

This decision was reached by consensus of the administrative and musical leadership of the Chapter after a Chapter-wide survey, open roundtable events, input from outside the Chapter, and many hours of dedicated discussion and debate over the past year. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

In Harmony,
Joel Sutherland
President - Concord, MA Chapter
Barbershop Harmony Society