We hold rehearsals every Thursday night from 7:30-10pm in Lexington, MA. Everyone is welcome! If you would like to sing with us on the risers, we will provide you with a guest book and a buddy for the night. We’d love to have you, even just to visit!

Temple Emunah (2nd Floor) · 9 Piper Road, Lexington, MA

For more information, contact Glenn McElhoe, VP Membership · 866-537-1584 


Unlike many other groups, Vocal Revolution is continuously auditioning new performing members throughout the year. We require that potential performing members attend at least three full rehearsals before requesting to audition.  Rehearsals allow you to become familiar with our repertoire as well as the singing style of the chorus.

1 - Vocal Assessment

Once you express interest in becoming a performing member of the chorus we will schedule a vocal assessment with our director.  He will listen to your singing abilities to assure that we have you in the  best part for your range.  We will also determine you ability to match pitches and how you blend your tones.

2 - Practice Quartet

After your vocal assessment, you will be placed into a section.  The leader of the section will make sure you have access to all the learning material.  Once you feel confident with the entire audition song - words, pitches, etc. - you will be asked to sing the song in a practice quartet with the Section Leaders from the sections other than your own.  You may have to do this a few times.

3 - Audition Quartet

So it's the night of your audition.  You will be expected to sing the entire song in a quartet with the other Section Leaders.  You should be prepared to sing at performance level, with note accuracy and storytelling.  We audition following our regular rehearsals.