Visit Us!

Vocal Revolution holds rehearsals every Thursday night from 7:30-10pm at Temple Emunah (2nd Floor) in Lexington, MA. If you would like to sing with us during your visit, we will provide you with a guest book and a buddy for the night. We’d love to have you!

For more information, contact Tony Guerra, VP Membership.
Email or call 866-537-1584

Thinking of joining Vocal Revolution?

Vocal Revolution membership is by audition, with membership requirements consistent with performing in the “Men’s” category in BHS contests. During your audition, you will be asked to sing a current repertoire song (from memory) in a quartet with section leaders. You may choose any current repertoire song. Prior to the audition, you will be given access to our learning materials (sheet music, audio recordings, etc.) and will be given ample opportunities to practice your chosen song in a quartet setting. During the audition, you should be prepared to sing at a performance level, with correct words and notes, good vocal production, and some performance proficiency. Guests may audition multiple times. Auditions happen following rehearsals.

Not joining VR? You can still join the Concord, MA chapter!

Membership in the Concord, MA chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society is welcome to any interested persons. While all members of Vocal Revolution (the men’s chorus performing ensemble) are de-facto members of the chapter, chapter membership is open to anyone, regardless of their participation in Vocal Revolution. This means that singers, non-singers, women, and others are welcome, alike.

As a member of the Concord, MA chapter, you will get all rights and privileges granted to members of Vocal Revolution (the performing ensemble), including but not limited to: participating in all chapter meetings and events, voting in elections, and holding board positions. Chapter membership does not automatically include the privilege of singing with Vocal Revolution. As a chapter member, you will, however be able to call “Concord, MA” your home chapter and associate us with any BHS quartet or ensemble you may participate in.